Silicone mould for a Cire Perdue foundry Model

A good mould gives me a good 'foundry model' that is, the identical (+/-) replica in wax of my original statue. Having a mould allows me to either to create editions (never more than 6 for exclusivity sake) or have a 'back up' if something goes wrong with my any of the casts.


2 halves mould

My favorite materials are: silicone rubber for the inside, glass fiber and polyester for the outer shell which I call 'Mother Mould' because it contains and protects the soft inner mould made of silicone rubber. Both are costly materials and smell funny but I obtain a mould of great quality for its light weight, its durability and almost indestructibility.


When done correctly, my mould will provide me with is the exact replica of my original model.


Most moulds are made of at least 2 halves and, during construction, I create special key's' so that I can disassemble my its parts and reconstruct them accurately.Also during construction, a precise net of feeders (material coming in) and vents (air coming out) is created.


Often, because of the complexity or intricacy of the form, I need to cut my original sculpture and mould some of its 'part' separately.

Wax Casting, correcting and refining the Foundry Model

The refining of the model can take up to 3 to 4 weeks, depending of the complexity involved.


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