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Desaster! Serious Restoration Work

Instead of starting working, I enveloped Her in a leather blanket and placed Her on the highest shelve of one of my Atelier's metal cupboard.I closed the cupboard's doors on this disastrous cast and left Her, with all the others sufferers, in that dark.A bad cast is 'repetition' really but, for the first time, this time, I was unable to find within me the force to transform it all.

Grace had left me!

The wounds inflicted to the model in wax, later to become bronze, got hold of me and went under my skin... the brutality of heavy fingers and trenchant nails, the negligent use of tools and materials and the ignorant handling of techniques... I felt it all.Nothing, perhaps, made this experience more excruciating than the thought that all this was unnecessary and could have been avoided.

So, yes, I closed the door for a long, long winter... But winter, as hard as it can be, is never forever and, if I still wonder if I should continue and sustain this bronze activity of mine, I do not doubt any longer I owe to myself and the existing disfigured figures to experience a Renaissance!

Here are a series of photo's showing the piece 'Before', as it was delivered to me by the Casters, and 'After', as I performed some serious chiseling.The sculpture is titled Angel Victory.


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