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Galerie Olivijn, Saskia de Wall


Till she passed the door of my Show Room, I did not question my giving up teaming with a  'Gallery' for success or even survival... Made of very few private customers ready to wait up to 2 years for delivery of their order, I missed feeling safe in my finances but experienced real prosperity in the quality of the orders they would give me and the care I could bring to their execution.

What happened with Saskia then? How did she changed that?

Young, looking like a fruit, she introduced me to her newest adventure... Accomplished photographer, she was to run her own Gallery and to run it her way! No white walls, no ordinary 'Gallery Lights', no ordinary nothing or anything... And her passion for the 'Sisters', the women she intends to celebrate, had to be there too. This is how I /my work came in as honest 'food' for her ambition, which I , for one, already label interpret as success!

She is determined to do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it the way she wants to do it and that, it seems to me, is the ultimate experience of success. Delighted to be part of that...

Appreciation Saskia! May your inner vision continue to prevail!


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