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The Bow, Between Petrarca & Rilke

Artists... They make me 'do it''.

The Bow, wants to be a tribute to Het Nationale Ballet, the Dutch National Ballet Company.

But that is not all because poetry is cause of my interest for this ballet pose...

The pose I call The Bow, and the poet is Rainer Maria Rilke.

Ainsi nous vivons dans un embarras très étrange  entre l'arc lointain et la trop pénétrante flèche :  entre le monde trop vague pour saisir l'ange  et Celle qui, par trop de présence, l'empêche.

(Vergers,  1924-1925)

But before him, blaming Love, Francesco Petrarca

al mio parer, non li fu honore ferir me de saetta in quello stato, a voi armata non mostrar pur l'arco. (Canzoniere, 1330 till his death 1374)

Much more could be said but I am a visual artist after all so I invite you to look at a series of photo's via Face Book...

Even if you are not a FaceBook user, the following link should allow you to view a rich gathering of pics starting with the original model in wax, till what occupies me most these Atelier-days,  the finest chiseling!

May you enjoy!


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