Tribute to Karel, Karel Gomes

Tribute to my Sculptor Master: Today is the day I was told Karel has no more address on earth!

We were neighbours before, for so long...

That he was an established sculptor, I could not predict.

Passing the windows of his house-boat was a treat...

His work was a treat...

Him existing, there, close and yet, the most distant achievements I could consider...

He urged me to attend his classes.

He changed my life entirely... Forever...

All about our history is a treat...

I felt I could only pay him back by becoming a pupil he could be proud of while working on a monumental sculpture commissioned by my City, Haarlem.

The day ( 14 7 2011) he appeared in my Atelier and, as usual, offered his help, I felt blessed ...

Rest in Peace Karel but may you not (never) leave us...!

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